ELEAH Medical Center

930 1st Street Northeast

Elbow Lake, MN 56531


 ELEAH Medical Center Mission Statement


Why healing and not curing?


People ask, "Don't you cure your patients?" No health care organization can cure everyone, but a health care organization can heal everyone. Throughout each stage of life from birth to dying, the Medical Center can provide care that supports individuals regardless of their health. In doing so, the Medical Center embraces five disciplines.

The ELEAH MEDICAL CENTER staff serves the individual physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and economically.
The Medical Center's goals support the individual physically and mentally with top of the line health care and provides emotional and spiritual support through life's journey from birth to death. Finally, it is important that the Medical Center is fiscally responsible to the individual and the organization. Providing efficient and cost effective health care delivery will support both the individual and the Medical Center by enabling us to continue to serve the area with the best health care possible.






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Stay Healthy, Stay Fit! Come to the Wellness Center!

Our fitness center offers the best of big-city workouts without the traffic, congestion or hassle. Feel free to exercise or just relax in our hot tub and solarium!



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