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Our pharmacist: Steve Junker



Steve grew up in the rural Minnesota town of Redwood Falls. His family has a strong medical background which nurtures Steve's commitment to rural Minnesota and health care. Steve excelled in academics as well as track in high school, then began his education at Southwest State University in Marshall.
After completing his pre-pharmacy education, Steve relocated to Omaha Nebraska to attend the Creighton College School of Pharmacy.
In 1996, Steve and his wife, Jeanine moved to Barrett where they both began their professional careers.

Steve has one sibling, a sister who is married to an Air Force Captain. She and her family are residing in Italy. Recently her husband has been relocated to Kuwait. Steve's father, Vern, owns and manages the Barrett Care Center. Steve's mother continues to work as an LPN in a Redwood Falls nursing home - commuting to Elbow Lake to visit her husband and family.
Today, PharmCare is privileged to have Steve as its registered pharmacist. Steve brings with him a strong commitment to our patients and rural Minnesota.




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